Cellar  ham    4,90€

Cooked ham    4,90€

Cheese     4,90€

Cured pork loin sausage     4,90€

Fuet (Catalan dry cured pork sausage)    4,90€

Boiled Catalan sausage    4,90€

Blood sausage     4,90€

Anchovies fillets   7,30€

Tuna   4,90€

Plain omelette    4,50€

Grilled loin of pork   5,50€

Bacon   4,90€

Cecreto (a pork cut), roast red pepper and brie cheese (with rustic bread cake)   8,60€

Cooked ham and cheese sandwich   3,60€

Hamburger with onion and cheese   4,90€

Toast of peasant’s bread (2)    2,00€

Slices of peasant’s bread with tomato (2)     2,00€

VAT included

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